As I continue to read and hear President Trump’s plans for the US, I often think he is trying to create a dictatorship US and scrap out democracy.  He seems to be using his new government power to create his ideal US and change it from the inside out.

He has already put more strain on entering the US if you are not a citizen.  His vision of an only American status citizenship created turmoil at airports and borders.  His multi billion dollar wall he wants constructed between the US and Mexico.  His banning of seven countries into the US and allegations of deporting anyone who they think is a risk.

It sounds to me like President Trump only wants the wealthy and powerful to remain in the country and target those who are of lower class.  President Trump in my opinion seems to be pushing for a dictatorship US and leave behind the democratic land of opportunity.

I cringe at the thought of dictatorship US as to our future.  What could that mean for other countries?  President Trump already shows a racist bias for non Americans, so would that lead the world to war?  What will happen to the economy and trade accords?

A powerful country like the US should never become a dictatorship.  History has proven that men with power always seek more power and are never satisfied as greed sets in for more.