Do you ever wonder if your children are safe?  It’s a constant in the back of my mind if my children are safe or the “What could happen?”  With the growing media coverage of children’s safety of predators in the world it still amazes me that some parents don’t always execute safety first.

The other day I was in a department store when I recognized a man who was arrested a few years ago for luring children.  Then when I walked past the toy department there was children unattended in the aisle.  When I was young I don’t remember hearing about these predators like today.  I am not sure if it wasn’t made so public but in today’s age with the media coverage and awareness that we do have, it’s made fully common knowledge.

So why do some parent’s with all this knowledge still leave children unattended and vulnerable to such predators that are everywhere.  They are everywhere from small rural town to big city living and still we take that chance.  Keep your children safe and don’t let them become a statistic.