Again President Trump tries to have his ban approved through the supreme courts and denied once more.  This time more controversy surrounds this denial with reports of ex-president Obama being in Hawaii just days before the court day.  President Trump answers back at the denial that the courts are wrong and the judges are wrong.

Then I have listened to many Trump advocator’s blogging and responding with Trump should not listen to the courts and just put down the hammer on what he wants anyway.  Are people really serious with making statements like that?  Allow your President to do what he/she wants?  Like old kingdom times where the King and Queen were in complete power, which we left to come to America, land of opportunity.  Or how about a Hitler dictatorship?

If you let something like that happen, where we allow someone to do whatever they want they will continue to do so.  But next time we may not like what they want like our land, or seize our bank accounts, or perhaps deport you because you have Irish in your heritage and they don’t like the Irish or perhaps your religious beliefs.  The list can go and on with that kind of power.

Let’s choose freedom and fight for that freedom and not allow our self’s to fall back into those times where freedom was not a right but a privilege.