The Trump rampage continues as he continues to accuse and make allegations against many different venues.  Trump has targeted media, senators, judges and ex-presidents for his short comings.  Will it ever end and will President Trump ever begin running his country.

His latest accusations of Trump Towers being surveilled by ex-president Obama to me says he has something to hide or is paranoid and either way is not good.  We all know that everything we type in our phones, on the internet, or conversations we have through any communication device is monitored.  The idea of privacy in the digital world is long gone and perhaps President Trump doesn’t like the idea of the times but he will have to face them as it is the new age.  Maybe like I said it’s because he has something to hide and with the digital age it’s much harder to hide.

President Trump in my opinion is passing blame for his short fall in his promises that he made to the American people.  So now he will rip it from the inside out and target his own people and make accusations to turn the light away from him wiping his hands clean of it.