I read an article some time ago that made me sad and has been sitting in the back of my mind since.  This family of four had some bad luck, the father/husband had been laid off.  The mother/wife only worked part time but wasn’t enough to pay the bills. 

After many social services closed doors in there faces, things began to get worse.  They lost there home and with no social assistance to help them get back on there feet, the 2 children and themselves were forced to live in there vehicle.  Now the options they face are to break up there family and go into shelters.  But the only shelters available to them are a men’s homeless shelter which does not allow women and a women’s crisis center for abused women.  But nothing that would take in the entire family who are looking to each other for support.

This is a great example of a good family down on there luck and who fall through the cracks of our social services.  People always think that it could not happen to them but it can happen very quickly and easily.  It saddens me to think what if that was me and my option was to separate from my family to seek shelter.  They are the people you look to in times of need and the thought of not having them I think is worse than living in a car.

Your local shelters are important to your communities.  They are there to help those who are down on there luck and in need of help and I always think that someday that could be me.