I often look around and wonder where have the gentlemen gone?  Is this an old generation culture, an equality stand point, or something that is just fading away?  I often people watch and it amazes me how men and women have done a complete reversal of manners and actions from the days of my grandparents.

Now I am not trying to be sexist but I always feel it’s those little gestures that mean a lot.  I don’t see people today demonstrating those manners that were so important to our elders and their upbringing.  When I look around I don’t see men opening car doors or holding any doors open for others.  I often see when I am shopping, the women have their hands full while the man walks with his hands in his pockets.  Or a woman pushing a big buggy while the man walks next to with only keys in his hands to unlock the vehicle.

As I said I am not trying to sound sexist and maybe I am old fashion and a dying breed.  I just think that these small gestures that may seem meaningless, to me mean a lot.  They say it’s the little things that matter most and putting loved ones first and showing that you care with such little actions can go a long way.  Perhaps this is just the new era and the generation of gentlemen are gone.