I always believe that helping others is the best way to be.  All good deeds eventually come back around and when it does it might be just that help you need to get motivated or to pick you up off the ground.  Regardless of timeline, these good deeds may not come back to you for a month or even years but always worth it in the end.

I’m always reminded of the story I heard some years ago.  There was this young girl fresh out of college and moved to the big city to start her career.  But things were not going so well and out of money and no work she decided to stop at a little diner and get a coffee.  Frustrated and depressed she tells the man behind the counter her story and feeling bad for her he decides to give her a free meal.  That was the motivation she needed and years later she became the CEO of a bank.

Generally that’s were the story would end but not this one.  One day this woman is walking down the street and notices a homeless man on the side of the street.  The next day walking down the same street, there is the same homeless man on the side so she asks him to come for lunch with her.  After much hesitation he decides he will go with her.  In the middle of their lunch he asks “why?” She replies to him, “remember 10 years ago you gave a down on her luck girl a free meal, now it’s my turn!”  And when he was done his lunch he was to go to her bank as there was a job there for him.

Sometimes good deeds don’t come back around quickly or easily but this story always reminds me that even something simple or what doesn’t seem like much to others can make a huge impact.  All good deeds do get noticed and even though they do not make you rich, eventually it will come back to you.