I can remember the days when I was young playing outside and always seeing bees and thinking please don’t sting me.  But as years pass there seems to be a huge change in the bee population as I don’t seem to see them buzzing around as often.  Most people would think that’s a good thing cause no one likes being stung by a bee but what could this really mean?

The bee population has been decreasing over the last 2 decades from numerous reasons.  Scientists believe there is some weather change factors and chemical factors from pesticides used on crops and parasitic and viruses that bees can no longer fight off.  All of these things are man made problems that we have created over time.  Bees pollinate and play a huge role in producing our fruits and vegetables we eat everyday.  Crops and plants will wither and die which would mean animal life would be impacted such as cows  who depend on plant species who in turn give us milk and meat.  The list would only continue to grow from here and get worse.

With the extinction of bees, Einstein said it best “Mankind will not survive the honeybees’ disappearance for more than five years.”  He is so right as this would deplete our food supply, freshwater will dry up from less trees, which in turn means humans would die of thirst and famine.  Everything has a purpose like the bees and we must protect all things so we can save ourselves from extinction.